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Botanical Name: Curcuma longa
Common Name: Haridra, Turmeric

Health Benefits

Curcumin is the active ingredient extracted from Turmeric which is an edible spice too. It is both meant for preventive and curative purpose.  You can immensely benefit from its Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant properties to enhance your Immunity and is disease resistance as well.

Curcumin origin

Curcumin is an active component of Turmeric (Curcuma longa), used as a spice and as an Ayurvedic medicine for centuries on the Indian subcontinent.

Curcumin has been shown to suppress carcinogenesis of the skin, liver, lung, colon, stomach, and breast.

Dosage: One capsule two times a day after meals or as prescribed by the physician

Curcumin and PsoriasisCurcumin and ArthritisCurcumin and Cancer

The National Psoriasis Foundation acknowledges the efficiency of certain dietary supplements in minimizing flare-ups, among them is Curcumin.

The Curcumin found in turmeric has proven to be anti-inflammatory. According to studies, the effects of Curcumin are so strong, that its anti-inflammatory effects are comparable to drugs like hydrocortisones and phenylbutazone.

Using Curcumin for Psoriasis can help relieve pain, repair skin damage and prevent arthritis. When psoriasis hits the joints, it can resolve into arthritis eventually. Curcumin’s natural anti-inflammatory properties can be a natural pain reliever for arthritis. According to Pensylvania researchers, the turmeric spice was helpful in relieving psoriasis symptoms from patients.

Curcumin is a potent anti-oxidant spice that helps to protect the cells and scavenges free radicals and is also an anti-inflammatory. Both are traits that help treat psoriasis.

Dosage and Duration:

Note: Please consult your physician before use
• In every case of severe Psoriasis, recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day i.e. one after breakfast, one after lunch and one after dinner.
• In mild case of Psoriasis two capsules a day
• A minimum six months of Curcumin intake is required to see noticeable results.

Curcuminoids prevent the synthesis of several inflammatory prostaglandins and Leukotrienes. When the anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin were tested in a double-blind clinical trial in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, Curcumin produced significant improvement in all patients
Curcuminoids inhibit enzymes which participate in the synthesis of inflammatory substances in the body

Dosage and Duration:

Note: Please consult your physician before use
• One capsule a day

Curcumin has emerged as a potent multimodal cancer-preventing agent, with 240 published studies appearing in the global scientific literature in the past year alone.

We recommend you to consult your doctor/physician before use

Note: Please consult your physician before use


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