Vanitha Bhat

Pranams. Thanks to your curcumin capsules. Its 60 days since I am sincerely using Curcumin capsule with great faith in chaitanya’s product as usual. Fat rid has given me an excellent fat reduction with no side effects and has given me strength to carry out my work efficiently. I feel quit light and physically fit myself as a senior citizen. Curcumin has given me additional hope to make my health efficient . It has wonderfully worked to keep my cholestrol Under check and relieved knee pain and stiffness to a great extent. I am sure it is working on few other systems as I am very comfortable to carry out my strenuous work. I am active and enthusiastic to take up my responsibilities from the early hours each day and work late nights. The allopathic doctors have cut down heavily on my other
medicines . To your surprise I suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, hypo thyrodism and Osteo Arthritis. Curcumin acted as an excellent source of nourishment and given me multiple benefits and unfelt cure to many of my on coming ailments. Curcumin has
saved me from the torments of steroids which otherwise I should have used. ‘A curcumin capsule a day Has kept few ailments in me away’

Thank you.

Dr. K. Suresh Kumar

I would like to share my experience with you about the efficacy of Crucumin caps.
Case 1
A lady aged about 80 years+ visited my clinic with weeping eczema on the dorsum of both legs. She was not a diabetic. She was in a pathetic condition as she could not even walk due to secondary skin infection.  I started her on Crucumin caps 1 bid and gave her skin cure gel for local application and what a MIRACLE within 15 days the lesions were totally healed and she was back on her feet.  I have even displayed the photos taken before, during and after treatment on my clinic notice board.  Thanks for introducing  crucumin.
Case 2
Male, aged 55 yrs suffering from Generalized Parthenium Allergy for more than 12 yrs visited my clinic from Bangalore 2 months back.  In fact his condition was to be seen to be belived.  His body emitted a typical odour which was infact nauseating, and when he removed his shirt,  dry skin scales dropped down like dusting powder.  He complained of severe itching throughout his body.  He used to take a shot of steroid injection every month, along with is daily quota of anti allergic medications as prescribed by his skin specialist.  He was fed up with his medications as it gave him no relief.  I put him on Crucumin caps 1 tid and after nearly one and a half months treatment he has started to respond.  The intensity of itching has come down by 50%, but he is still on modern  medication.  Hope that in near future he will be able to taper down his modern medication and be able to sustain only on Crucumin caps.  I will keep u informed about the progress.


It has been a while that i have been prescribing Curcumin from Chaitanya agro Herbals mainly for ostearthritis, diabetes (Type2), cancer pt undergoing chemotherapy / Radiotherapy (ALONG WITH ASHWAGANDHA) and high cholesterol . It is a great natural drug which has given excellent product . In nearly all Osteoarthritis pt who had been on various analgesics and physiotherapy protocol for more than 6 months got excellent relief in about 4 weeks flat. Curcumin is one of the most potent natural known anti inflammatory products and should be part of the arsenal of all orthopedicians. It is also good for diabetics since it attacks both hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia. Being a good
antioxidant is also very useful for cancer patients under treatment as mentioned above as it can gobble up loads of free radicles released during the act. Overall its a great natural drug.

Dr. Padmanabhan
In my practice, I have been treating cancer patinets of various stages.  Oncologists have informed many of my “terminal” cancer patients that they have only a few more days to live. Once I started  using curcumin along with other medicines, I have noticed a marked reduction in the progression of the disease and many patients experienced an over all improvement in their quality of living. I have treated Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriasis, Asthma and SLE with curcumin and noticed a significant improvement .  I have withdrawn steroids, immunosuppresents & NSAIDs and managing these conditions successfully with curcumin and other medicines.  I have also noticed that curcumin helps in the reduction of disease “flare-ups”.
D. Vasudevalu

I am penning the following to share my experience using your valuable product “CURCUMIN” and also to place on record my deep sense admiration and appreciation for the WONDER DRUG. To be precise I was going through a spell of acute / intense pain in my right knee, in shoulders, elbow. I consulted some reputed doctors practicing allopathy / Ayurveda. The prescription included both for
internal consumption and external application. Even after regularly taking the medicines for 11 months the results were far from satisfactory. The relief was only temporary. The problem was somewhat peculiar in the sense it used to migrate from one part to another and the intensity of the pain varying from mild to excruciating sometimes rendering me almost immobile. When I approached my doctors with this problem some suggested that I go for an x-ray and others attributed this as age related one (Incidentally I am 77 years currently). With no other option I resolved myself to endure this problem and learn to live with it. While this was so, by stroke of providence I met an old acquaintance at a function. He somehow observed the difficulty with which I was walking and he was keen in knowing my problem. I told him everything I was going through. He suggested that I try “CURCUMIN”. I just brushed aside the advice thinking this would be another futile expense. After a week or so he rang me up to enquire about my knee problems and the effect of CURCUMIN. I confessed to him the fact. The very next day he appeared in person knocking at my door with a bottle of CURCUMIN. He gave that to me with a solomon assurance from me that I would take the capsules (2 per day) religiously. I lived up to my promise for almost 3 weeks. There was no improvement. My apprehension about the ineffectiveness of the medicine gained momentum.

At the beginning of the 4 th week there was a miraculous change. The pain started reducing appreciably. There was a remarkable improvement. I thanked my friend profusely for his valuable suggestion. He told me to continue the capsules for another course of 60 capsules. Today I have almost completed half of the bottle and I am very glad to say that my pain has totally vanished. I am now my old self free from the nightmarish experience. I am sure that CURCUMIN did the magic. Thanks a million,, your product has proved its mettle. Summing up I have no hesitation to vouch for the extraordinary power of CURCUMIN. Any amount of praise is by no means exhaustive and believe me there is not even an iota of exaggeration in my accolades. You are rendering a yeoman service to humanity. “May your tribe increase” With full credit to your products.

Mrs. Meera Ananda